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Cyber Disruption Readiness Assessment Tool


About this tool

The Cyber Disruption Readiness Assessment Tool is designed to help agencies and organizations improve their overall resilience when faced with a cyber disruption. Cyber Disruptions can take many forms; therefore, the tool seeks to improve an agency’s or organization’s capacity to continue operations despite suffering from the following effects of a cyber disruption:

Data Loss | Loss of Access to Desktop | Loss of Internet | Loss of LAN/WAN
Loss of Local Equipment | Loss of Power | Loss of Staff | Loss of Supporting Infrastructure

After completing this tool, you will have access to an assessment report, which is meant to be used as a planning tool to help improve your capabilities. It is a list of “to-dos” that can be incorporated into existing business continuity and infrastructure management planning efforts.

While completing the assessment, it is not necessary to have the answers to all the questions before beginning the assessment. The assessment can be modified and regenerated at any time. Leaving questions unanswered will not prevent the report from being generated, enabling the assessment to be completed over multiple sessions. 

The Cyber Disruption Readiness Assessment Tool is not intended to be a comprehensive business continuity or disaster recovery planning tool. The assessment introduces system administrators and asset owners to the concept of “effects-based planning” and gives them an idea of how to be more prepared to address the effects of a significant cyber disruption.

Getting Started

  1. To get started, click the Next button below. 
  2. The Assessment may be completed in any order, but in order to skip a page, you must complete all questions on a page, or click the Leave Blank button to move forward.
  3. You must provide an answer to a question for it to be included in the assessment. You may download a blank report for reference.
  4. When you have completed the assessment, you may generate you report by navigating to the last page of the assessment, and click the Finish button.
  5. While viewing the report, a printable version may be accessed by clicking the download PDF button.
  6. To resume and in progress assessment, return to this page and click the Next button, if you have a partial assessment in progress, you will be prompted to keep, or clear your previous entries.